New Policy for TheFANs



• Clients: YOU are responsible for your design which includes text (spelling and

                  grammar) and graphics.


Quantity – Minimum amount of TheFANs are (50)


Text – TheFANs is not responsible for text.  Writing, grammar, punctuation,

   and spelling is the responsibility of the client.  Please check your job prior to

   giving the TheFANs approval to print.  Once approval is given by the client,

   the job is considered complete.


Color – Make sure you look at your artwork on more than one monitor for color

  accuracy. Monitor display can appear differently.  If you have any questions, please

  ask prior to approving the job.  Once approval is given, the job is considered complete.


Photo – Make sure that the correct photo is used in the correct location.  Ensure

  photo size and clarity.  After approval is given, the job is considered complete.


Approval: No job will be printed without written approval (i.e., Email, Text Message,

                    EFAX…).  Please indicate on the email Subject line “Name: Mr. Smith – Job

                    Approved Ready for Print.”  No job will be completed without written approval.

                    Along with approval one point of contact must be introduced at the beginning

                   of the Job. (No exceptions)


Shipping – A price quote for shipping (FEDEX or US Postal Service) will be provided

  prior to shipping.


Invoice Payment – All jobs will be paid in full prior printing.


Alignment – Sorry for the inconvenience but TheFANs are custom and they will  not

  fall in the same place every time. The margin of error is 1/8 to 1/4 of an inches left, right,

  top and bottom. Make sure that all text is not to close to the edges.


Rush Charge – Coming soon




 Thank You TheFANs, LLC

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